Hørpuskin 10S

Hørpuskin 10S

Product Description

Robust wall paint with extremely good fluidity and hiding power. Flügger Hörpuskin 10S has extremely good fluidity and provides a surface with nice and uniform finish. Flügger Hörpuskin 10S is labelled with the European ECO label.
  • Perfect fluidity
  • Fills and covers extremely well
  • Robust and washable surface


The substrate must be clean, dry and solid. Prime slightly chalking or
absorbent interior substrates with Flügger Sealer.
For maintenance, clean surfaces with Fluren 37 Basic Cleaner. Flügger
Hörpuskin 10S does not block strike-through from aqueous colourants, water
blotches or nicotine.
Apply 1-2 coats by paint brush, paint roller or by spraying. Min. working
temperature during application and drying/curing: +5 °C. Max. atmospheric
humidity 80 % RH.


For interior use on walls, e. g. in institutions, offices, common rooms and
garages, also in places where high demands are placed on the surface finish.

Storage: Cool, frost-free and tightly closed

Technical Data

Acrylic paint
Weight %
Volume %
Cleaning of Tools etc.
Water and soap

Current TDS Version

september 2016

Replaces TDS Version

janúar 2013